Are You Guilty Of Putting Too Much Food On Your Child’s Plate?

Do you feel like your child is throwing a food tantrum on purpose? We get how annoying it can be. Be a part of the KSP webinar and listen to experts and moms talk about how you can make meal times easier for yourself and your child.

Are you guilty of putting too much food on your child's plate & forcing them to eat?

We know how bad it feels when your child falls off the growth chart⁠⁠

▪️ When they won’t eat the dinner you made⁠⁠
▪️ When they are hungry because they didn’t eat⁠⁠
▪️ When they won’t eat food they used to love⁠⁠

Sometimes babies can eat a lot. Because they triple in size in the first year of life! Toddlers, however, may eat very tiny amounts of food. Less than babies, even. Because they aren't growing as much.⁣⠀⁠⁠

This is why the most powerful thing you can do with your little one is to let them decide whether to eat and how much. Don't push them to eat. Just watch them decide how much to eat.⁣⠀⁠⁠

The KSP webinar on ‘Are Millennial Moms Guilty Of Raising Picky Eaters' is your answer to your child's eating habits.

We are going live on 30th September, Thursday at 4 PM on Zoom

Join us for an interesting evening with Mansi Zaveri, Dr Manjari Rao, Chef Chinu Vaze & Thara Shenoy to get the right information from experts.

Click here to register for the webinar on 30th September at 4 PM

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