Are You Packing A Nutrient-Dense Tiffin For Your Child?

“What shall I pack for tiffin?” Is this question tormenting you? Are you unsure if your tiffin is fun but healthy too? Well then, read this to know more!
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School days have begun and with everything else that we need to be ready for during this season, we have to now stress over, “what shall I pack for tiffin today?”

A daunting question, like “what shall I cook today?” wasn’t enough! But well, we don’t have a choice now. Packing tiffin is a little hard because you don’t know if you’re kid is eating it or distributing it to others if they don’t like what’s packed.

So, how do we make tiffin fun?

Now, this is another tough question that crosses every parent’s mind! Fast food is fun, but not healthy, and healthy food is not fun! But what if I told you the secret to packing a healthy and fun tiffin?

Well, with the KSP Meal Plan, these questions are one less thing I have to worry about! With tiffin ideas that are not only fun but healthy too! I can rest assured that I’m giving my child the best nutrient-rich tiffin.

You want this secret list too?

Don’t you worry now! We don’t keep secrets from parents! Packing a tiffin that is a complete balance of all the nutrients, vitamins and carbohydrates is way more important than you think. A tiffin should be a mix of fruits and veggies.

However I do understand with our packed schedules too, it becomes difficult to think of new tiffin ideas every single day. There is so much you have to think about, so much you have to do. So, devoting a lot of time just to plan your child’s tiffin can be a real chore.

But wait, do not fret! Sign up for the KSP Meal Plan, so you don’t have to scratch your head over “what to pack in the dabba today?” We send you 30 meal ideas every week along with recipes, a seasonal grocery list, tried and tested tips and hacks and lots more! Ready to take the leap?

You want to see what you’re getting? We understand that! We are giving you access to ONE MEAL PLAN at Rs 99. Check it out!

Adding a fruit or vegetable, protein, and carbohydrate to your child’s box each day will ensure a well-balanced lunchbox.

A few tips that could help

⭐Don’t overcomplicate the lunch box.
⭐Don’t experiment with new things for tiffin because you don’t want the kids to stay hungry

What do you pack in your child’s dabba? Tell us in the comments below!

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