Are You Ready To Put An End To All Your Meal Time Drama?


Do you cringe every time you hear your family complaining about meals?

I know I would. I remember my mom hating asking us what to cook, and, my standard answers would be ‘kuch bhi’ or ‘I don’t know’. It would be a huge bone of contention between us. Now as a mom I hated it too. I really did. And then I did something that changed my life.

As a mom, is your priority to cook simple but nutritionally well-balanced meals for your family?

Tired of scrolling through pages of recipes and videos before finding one that you may have ingredients for?

Here’s your chance to put an end to all the drama, and actually get it right at home.

The #KSPMealPlan is getting a makeover along with our new website and if you want to sort out your kitchen and the extra hours you’re spending on planning it all, you should sign up here –

You won’t be disappointed!!

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