At 16 I Knew I Needed To Do More With My Life | Divya Gandotra

You have to grasp the most of the digitised world and Divya has done exactly that at a very young age. We hope this story inspires the many budding entrepreneurs out there.

Divya Gandotra is such an inspiration. In this day and age, you have to grasp the most of the digitised world, and use Instagram for your business. Divya has achieved a lot at a very young age, and we hope this story inspires the many budding entrepreneurs.

Divya’s story:

  • At the age of 16, Divya knew she wanted to do more with her life than what life gave her in Jammu.
  • She made use of the digital world and Instagram to network and connect with people she never would have met otherwise.
  • She wasn’t always the achiever she has become today. In her school days Divya wasn’t good at academics and she used to be petrified of public speaking.
  • But after shifting from Jammu to Noida she saw how hungry people were for success and grew inspired to grab every opportunity that came her way.
  • Instagram gave Divya the opportunity to speak in front of millions and live her dream.
  • She urges kids to start young and never let doubt take over because anything is possible in the digitised world.

This campaign by and Instagram celebrates moms who are lifelong learners and will continue to dream big, think outside the box, and ensure they achieve all that they want. Loved interviewing these stories that are powered by Instagram. They are super inspirational. Stay tuned, this episode is 14/15.

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