Baby Led Weaning – How To Get Started (Mom Tested Tips)

With baby-led weaning, your kid is in charge. This mama shares tips that have helped along her personal journey!
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Baby-led weaning or BLW is an approach to feed your baby solid food. In the BLW feeding approach, the babies – 

  • Eats food by themself, preferably with their hands and not with a spoon.
  • Eats same food as the family, with adjusted spice levels and no salt (< 1yr age)
  • Most importantly, decides how much & if he/she wants to eat. As parents, your job is ONLY to decide what and when the baby will eat. Do not spoon-feed the baby if the baby just plays or throws the food or barely eats. 

For babies, less than 1 year of age – If the baby demands food after the meal, offer Breast Milk (BM) / Formula Milk (FM), because till 12 months of BM/FM remains the primary source of nutrition, & solid food is complimentary. 

For babies above 1 year of age –  If the baby demands food after the meal, offer the same meal again or regular milk. 

How To Get Started With Baby-Led Weaning?

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