Baby Shower Gifts Indian Moms-To-Be Want But Aren’t Telling You!

Click here to read the list of best gifts to shower your love for an expectant mom! She deserves all the pampering 🙂

When I was pregnant the first time around I spent an inordinate amount of time reading up on what to stock up on for when the baby comes. Let me be absolutely honest with you, these lists can drive you crazy! You choose to start small but then things for the baby suddenly takes over an entire room and then your entire house!

Like all moms to be, I had a baby shower and friends came bearing gifts for pregnant women and the baby. Baby showers or Godh bharai are a long-standing tradition when family and friends gather together to ‘shower’ the mom to be and her baby with blessings and gifts. While Indian tradition may be mixing with the western idea of baby showers with a theme, party favours, and even baby shower games the essence of the celebration remains the same.

When it comes to gifting for such a specific event, it can become a tricky affair to find the right gift. What does a new mom really need? Let us tell you (from experience) what new moms really need so your ‘thoughtful’ gift just doesn’t end up in the corner of their home unused.

KSP brings you the finest brands every new mom will love to receive on her baby shower as gifts. 

All Things Baby

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