Back To School: Best Steel Tiffin Boxes In The Market!

So if you are thinking of a good alternative to plastic lunch boxes, we have just the list of steel tiffin boxes to choose from! Shop Here.

It is time to head back to school and that means time to buy those essential school supplies. I know we don’t intend to but we do spend an enormous amount of time worrying and obsessing over our child’s tiffin box. We are not just concerned about the exciting and yummy lunch we pack we also want to make sure the box itself is safe, sturdy, and leakproof. So, Steel it is!

But why steel?

In recent times studies have emerged about the ill effects of BPA in our plastic and how it is harmful to kids. So if you are thinking of a good alternative to plastic lunch boxes, we have just a list of steel tiffin boxes to choose from! These are sturdy, easy to clean, and do not absorb odours like plastic does. Also, no more thinking about BPA!

Also, if you are looking at what to serve in these tiffin boxes such that it comes back empty, we have the right solution. Say hello to KSP Meal Plans Subscription.

Here’s our list of the best steel tiffins

Prabha Signature S4 Double Wall Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Water Bottle 

Shop here

Oval Shape Steel Lunch Box

If rectangle doesn’t float your boat, try this oval one. Perfect for a light snack or to pack for small break in school.

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Cello Max Fresh Super Steel Lunch Box

This Cello Max lunch box has two boxes that can be zipped up in a sleek pouch. The bag also has an extra pocket for cutlery, napkins etc.

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VIVA Homio Tiffin Box

Its simple design makes it fairly easy to clean and maintain it is highly durable and will last for a long time even with regular use.

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Borosil Hydra Hot-N-Fresh Stainless Steel 

Finally The Wait Is Over For The Customer’s Who Are Using Steel Tiffin. Here Comes The New Product Manufactured By Non Other Than “Borosil Glass Works Limited” Named Borosil Hydra Thermo Vacuum Insulated Hot and Fresh Lunch Box Up to 8 hours With A Container Capacity Of 350ml and 420ml With Lunch Bag.

Shop Here

Double Layer Lunch Tiffin Snack Box

Go back to the classics with this double layer tiffin box! Perfect for anything you may want to pack for school!

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Magnus Lunch Box

A heavy-duty meal calls for a heavy duty lunch box and bag! This lunch box contains 2 steel containers, one steel glass, one small pickle/condiment carrier, one pair fork and spoon and it all goes into a bag.

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