Bang On Wood! Furniture That Helps You Conceive For Couples Who Don’t Take Chances!

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Sex has always been a subject that people pretty much skirt around in our country. So when LoveRollers rolled out their products, everyone sat up and wanted to know more. LoveRollers decided that the land of Kamasutra needs some help and excitement with their bedroom activities.

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Their products have helped a lot of couples conceive. So if you are trying to have a baby then you need to know more about them. Having said that, even if you are a couple just looking to spice things up in the bedroom, then you should read on.

What Is LoveRollers? 

Gaurav Singh is an IIT graduate who quit his job and decided that he needed to shake and stir things up in the lovemaking section. He felt that present-day beds and furniture don't really help in making those Karmasutra positions possible. And in the land that gave the world the Kamasutra, that was just downright sad. As a result of some intense research, loads of calculation and feedback — LoveRollers was born.

Tell Me More!

LoveRollers design pillows and beds to aid your sex life.

  • The couch provides more than adequate support to the back and neck for the couple. The central contour is an important aspect of the design since it is the region that tilts one’s pelvis upwards, increasing the chance of conception for couples.
  • Get this – they come with a manual on how you can utilize the product optimally. 
  • The designs work very well to make women who are pregnant comfortable when they lie down.
  • The product also offers relief to women during a painful menstrual cycle.
  • They have three designs so far.  A standard one a mini version to save space and the third one is a convertible version that can be divided into two blocks – for those couples who don't want their bedroom activities to be obvious.

Website: LoveRollers 

Facebook: LoveRollers

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