Best Books For Grandparents To Read To Their Grandchildren

Let your kids cuddle up with their Nana/Nani and Dada/Dadi as they get started on this reading marathon. Trust us- they will like it!

Grandma’s tales are always special! They have a fun element, a surprise twist, an unexpected ending and a moral to learn from. And not just the stories- the act of getting our grandmothers to spend more time with us, on the pretext of these stories, was a pure delight! And the bonding children share with grandparents is always unique and something that no science can explain! This year saw a number of books for kids that retold some of the famous grandma’s tales- and here is our curated list of the best anthology of grandma and grandpa’s tales. 

If you loved any other book, that you think needs to make it to the list- do leave us a comment below. We’d ll add them right away. Also stay tuned to KSP Book Club, for the best reads and reviews of children’s books.


Nani Ki Naav

Author: Harindranath Chattopadhyay

Publisher: Katha Books 

Age: 6 and above

What's special: There is something wonderful about the world of poems, especially when you read it in a language you love! When Katha books decided to revisit a classic Harindranatha Chattopadhyay poem with lovely illustrations, you know you must add it to your reading list. Get this book for your kids (or grandkids!) and read aloud the journey of little Nina and her Nani! 

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My Grandfather's Stick

Author: Nandini Nayar

Publisher: Tulika Publishers

Age: 3 and above

What's special: A bilingual on the magical qualities that a simple stick possesses. This will get your little ones enchanted just like the little girl in the story! 

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Grandpa Tales 

Author: Lalita Iyer

Publisher: Scholastic India 

Age: 8 and above

What's special: This book by Lalita Iyer is something you would want to pack when visiting your parents with your kids, this summer hols! A witty anthology of heart-warming tales that your young reader and their grandpa would love to read together! 

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Nani's Walk To The Park 

Author: Deepa Balsavar

Publisher: Pratham Books 

Age: 7 and above

What's special: This super Nani has the whole neighbourhood on her toes when she is out for a walk! What adventure is she up to, today?! Find out! 

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How I Taught My Grandmother To Read & Other Stories 

Author: Sudha Murty

Publisher: Penguin Publishers

Age: 8 and above

What's special: Grandma has taught you a lot- but what happens when she wants to learn something from you? Or how should your kids react when they get more marks than they actually deserve because of an oversight by the teacher? Sudha Murty blends real-life instances with literary imagination to weave beautiful stories for kids to enjoy. Buy the book here. 

Grandma Tales

best books 2017

Author: Lalita Iyer

Publisher: Scholastic India

Age: 8 and above

What's special: This latest release from Scholastic India, is a brilliant collection of heart-warming grandma tales, that takes the reader on a nostalgic trip. You can read out the fun tales to your little ones while the grown-up kids can enjoy the book themselves. The light narrative and lovely illustrations make it an ideal pick for the year's best books for kids.

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Grandma & Me

best books 2017

Author: Beatrice Tauber

Publisher: Morgan James Kids

Age: 4 and above

What's special: Grandparents and grandchildren are always a great combo. But when dementia and Alzheimer's strike the grandparents, the little ones are often left clueless unable to understand why the people they loved so much earlier, seem a little distant now. This book treads on a serious topic from a child's perspective and how kids can still shower the same love and affection to their grandparents, even in the troubled times.

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 Grandma Said . . . Child Listen

best books ksp

Author: Fanny Minnitt 

Publisher: Westbow Press

Age: 7 and above

What's special: The first book in the series penned by 4 authors, explains to kids on valuable topics such as money, mind, relationships and character. This new release helps tread these topics with the introduction of imaginary grandmoms that makes the narrative interesting and insightful for kids.

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 My Grandma's Bag of Stories

Author: Nishant Joshi

Publisher: Kindle Edition

Age: 5 and above

What's special: This Kindle edition is another superb addition to this year's anthology of grandma's tales. With famous morals, taking the avatar of interesting tales for kids and a gripping ending, this book has a collection of 40 moral stories in simple language for kids. 

 I Love You, Grandma

Author: Rory Tyger

Publisher: Tiger Tales

Age: 3 and above

What's special: This board book explores the unending love for Baby Bear and Grandma Bear and helps explain the building love for little toddlers. The rhyming couplets are easy to comprehend for the little minds and will make you want to give your Grandma a hug right away.

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 Grandpa’s Orchard: And the Christmas Pie

ksp best books 2017

Author: Sandra Goodwin Young

Publisher: Kindle Edition

Age: 5 and above

What's special: This Kindle edition is a lovely tale of what happens when a group of young kids visit their grandparents in their farm every holiday. The narrative tells us what the kids love doing there- eating Grandma's special treats and visiting Grandpa who is busy working hard at the orchard. So, what really was grandpa growing in his orchard? Find out.

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Grandma's Tiny House 

best books of 2017

Author: JaNay Brown-Wood

Publisher: Charlesbridge

Age: 2 and above

What's special: This book that teaches your toddlers to count in the form of an interesting story- tells kids how Grandma manages to engage and entertain a house with 15 members of the extended family in there. So, what's after 15? Find out. In addition to numbers1wq1 and rhyming, the book manages to teach kids all about family love, food, joyous occasions and lots more.

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 Ninja Nani

grandmom tales kids grandmom tales kids

Author: Lavanya Karthik

Publisher: Duckbill Books

Age: 8 and above

What's special: If you pictured Nanis as fragile and old people, who made delicious treats, spun great stories and helped Nana find his spectacles, you are wrong. This series by Lavanya Karthik has released two books this year and the Nani in the story has powers you can only imagine. What would happen if Nani had special Ninja powers that would make her mighty and also help protect their neighbourhood? Find out! 

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Grandma's Bag Of Stories 

Author: Sudha Murty

Publisher: Penguin Publishers

Age: 8 and above

What's special: The book joyfully narrates the childhood experiences of the writer, her holidays with grandparents and her cousins and the bag full of stories, that her grandmother used to narrate. The book describes the author's own experiences with her cousins as well as the various stories 'Ajji' narrates as well. Read our detailed review here

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Last Stop On Market Street 

Author: Matt de la Pena 

Publisher: Puffin

What's special: A brilliant piece of writing where a patient grandma answers her grandson's questions about why they don't own an expensive car/iPod like his other friends and why his area of residence is inferior in standards. The grandma patiently answers his questions teaching him valuable life lessons. 

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Days With Thathu 

Author: Geeta Dharmarajan 

Publisher: Katha

What's special: What's better than grandparents' love in this world? This book with simple wordings and cute illustrations about a little girl and her 'Thathu' (grandfather) whom she loves the most. 

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