Best Books On Krishna You Must Get Your Kids This Janmashtami

Hunting for the best books on Natkhat Krishna? Here’s the best Indian list you will need to scour through!

Wondering how to talk to your children about Janmashtami? With all the chaos around the city, are you wondering if your child is staying true to their culture and know everything about it?

The festive season is here and kick-starting the celebrations is children's favourite deity- Lord Krishna. As children, our storytime would always feature the life and pranks of little Krishna- who is worshipped in both child and adult forms.

To add colour to the Janmashtami this year- we are working towards bringing you many curated posts and activities you could do together with your little Krishna at home. Here is a curated list of the best stories from Lord Krishna's life that you should narrate to your little ones. Enjoy because we have it all covered in our #KSPBookClub. If you want to add more to this festive environment, then sign up for our #KSPMealPlan and get your hands on all festive goody ideas

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Author: Gayathri Chandrasekharan

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Lessons for kids: Lord Krishna reinforces the importance of 'dharma' of every individual and works towards the best of their ability instead of believing in miracles and unnatural phenomenon. This Amar Chitra Katha book is for kids aged 9+.

2. The Complete Krishna Trilogy

Author: Bhakti Mathur 

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Lessons for kids: This 3-in-1 book by Bhakti Mathur is a part of the Amma, Tell Me series. Contains the Amma, Tell Me About Krishna; Amma, Tell Me How Krishna Fought the Demon and Amma, Tell Me How Krishna Defeated Kansa. Ideal for kids aged 4-8 years. 

3. Sudama 

Author: Kamala Chandrakanth 

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Lessons for kids: Friendship through the ages has been best explained by this story over generations. This Amar Chitra Katha is best for kids 8+ or you can read it aloud for the little ones. 

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4. Krishna and Shishupala 

Author: Kamala Chandrakant

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Lessons for kids: Another story to impart moral values to kids. In retrospect, it teaches us, adults, the biggest lesson of being patient to criticisms and reacting only when needed. Combine the morals alongside the storytelling session for your tiny tots! Ideal for kids 8+ but even the little ones will love to listen to it. 

5.The Bhagwad Gita

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Lessons for kids: An encyclopaedia in itself, this is one book that is a constant in all our houses. Considered the go-to book for all problems in life, teach kids slokas and their meaning for a better understanding. Once kids take a liking to this book, they will opt for the detailed versions when they grow up. Ideal for kids 4+. Buy here

6. The Upside Down King: Unusual Tales About Rama And Krishna 

Author: Sudha Murthy 

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Lessons for kids: This book is to be published by Puffin Books in September 2018. With stories of children's all-time favourite deities- Rama and Krishna- penned in a language the kids will love, we can't wait for this book to hit the stands! Suitable for kids 8+.

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7. An Identity Card For Krishna 

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Author: Devdutt Pattanaik

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Lessons for kids: We love Lord Krishna. But what happens when he decided to pay us a trip- do we recognise him? Can he prove his identity to us? Find out! Ideal for kids 5+.

8. Little Monk's Krishna 

Author: Pooja Pandey

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Lessons for kids: This Kindle Edition is a suitable addition to your child's collection. The tales of Krishna narrated in a clear, children-friendly manner but at the same time helps enhance your child's vocabulary through a careful selection of new words that they will love to learn and use. Suitable for kids 6+.

9. Krishna & The Mystery Of The Stolen Calves 

Author: Joshua M Greene 

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Lessons for kids: This Mandala classic is suited for kids 4 and above. Is Krishna just an enthusiastic little kid or does he possess superhuman powers? Find out in this well-narrated storybook for kids. 

10. Birth Of Krishna & Krishna's Conquests 


Author: Shoba Vishwanath

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Lessons for kids: Where there is Krishna, there is mirth, music and mischief and plenty of adventure too! Krishna shows that he is no ordinary child through his encounters with Kaliya the deadly serpent, Indra the rain-god and, eventually, the evil king Kamsa! Suited for kids aged 7 and above. 

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