Best Children’s Books Of 2018: (2-5 Years)

Here’s a list of the best books of 2018 for your little toddlers and preschoolers.

This year has been a wonderful one for book lovers and we aren’t complaining! Our #KSPBookClub family has added many new members and parents write in to us asking for book reviews of the new releases in the children’s market and age-wise recommendation of the best reads for the young minds. 

We have loved reading and curating these wonderful books for kids and we hope you have enjoyed reading them to your children as well! As the year comes to an end, here’s a quick look back at the best books that created a name for themselves in the book space. Here’s a list of the best books of 2018 for your little toddlers and preschoolers.

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1. Billy & The Beast:

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A little girl and her pet cat are walking along the woods only to find things missing and later realise that they are kidnapped as well. A monstrous beast is out on the prowl searching for ingrdients for his big bowl of soup. How will this li'l girl convince the beast and escape with her pet cat and the other creatures in the jungle? Find out! 

2. Soda & Bonda:

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KSP Contributor Anisha Bajaj tells us what makes this book special (read the complete review here). This little cat, Bonda loved to be like a dog. It licked with its tongue, wagged its tail, and took away dog toys and bone! Soda was unhappy with its cat friend. Bonda too was unhappy with its dog friend. Bonda’s friend could not understand that Bonda really loved to do dog things. Both these friends part away until Soda started missing its cat friend. The story ends on a sweet note when both of them once again unite. What’s more, Soda realises that its cat friend is indeed like a dog!

3. The Rabbit Listened:

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Not just for kids, this is a great choice for adults too! If you are looking for options to teach kids about empathy and compassion, this book will top your list. The simple story about a child, his building blocks and a group of friends just goes to show how every one of us would love for someone to listen to us when we feel low. 

4. Baby Feminists 

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Leaders and achievers weren't created overnight they say. This book takes that saying literally and gives us and the kids a glimpse into the lives of great women achievers such as Frida Kahlo, Gloria Steinem and others- albeit as a baby! This lift-the-flap board book will get your kids familiarised with these achievers in a language they will understand. 

5. The Jungle Storytelling Festival 

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KSP Contributor Anisha Bajaj tells us what makes this book special (read the complete review here).  The jungle and all its animals are all set for the ultimate festival that weaves magic with stories, spoken word, poetry and song. Back in the jungle, admits all these stories, Ostroo the Ostrich asked: “C-c-can I tell a story too?" Ostroo could not speak without stammering. So, the moderator of the festival, the squirrel and the other animals made fun of him and asked him to stop and just be the audience. Read the book to find out what happens next! 

6. The Problem With Penguins 

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A beautiful book that teaches kids to share and care with their friends and siblings. A little girl, who doesn't like to share stuff with her siblings comes across a giant iceberg one day and decided to keep it for herself. But then, 500 penguins march into the scene and what happens next teaches Tofta, the girl a beautiful lesson to remember by! 

7. Pink & Blue 

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KSP Contributor Anisha Bajaj tells us what makes this book special (read the complete review here). The instant moment when one holds the book and gazes at its cover, whereby the word pink is painted with blue and vice-versa, the book speaks volume about the content. It goes on to challenge various mental blockages that we carry on our head. Pink or blue are just as great colours as probably red, yellow, green or the rest! The length of the hair, the kind of work we do, the punches and the kicks we share are all independent or whether we are a boy or a girl!

9. Everybody Feels Angry 


Anger is an emotion that is common to everyone- of all ages. What happens when your kids get angry? How do they react? Find out how Sophie and Ethan get angry when they don't get what they want or someone takes away their things! A fun book for the young minds. 

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10. The Tree Boy 

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What happens when a boy realises he is no longer the person he wishes to be?! What if he has turned into a tree? Find out in this fun book with a nice message for the young ones, aided by great illustrations. 

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