Best Children’s Books Of 2018: (5-8 Years)

Here’s a list of the best books of 2018 for your kids (5-8 years) 

This year has been a wonderful one for book lovers and we aren’t complaining! Our #KSPBookClub family has added many new members and parents write in to us asking for book reviews of the new releases in the children’s market and age-wise recommendation of the best reads for the young minds. 

We have loved reading and curating these wonderful books for kids and we hope you have enjoyed reading them to your children as well! As the year comes to an end, here’s a quick look back at the best books that created a name for themselves in the book space. Here’s a list of the best books of 2018 for your kids (5-8 years) 

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1. Julian Is A Mermaid:

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One of the most popular choices among parents across the globe, this picture book is all about following what the heart desires and what one actually wants to pursue. At the end of the day, teach your kids- anyone can be a mermaid! 

2. Cereal Superfan 

Raising a kid who loves cereals? Whose mornings begin with their favourite cereals and can absolutely snack on them- at any time of the day? This book is for them! Stephen Rice is a cereal lover and would go any lengths to buy himself his favourite flavours of cereals. What happens when he runs out of cereals? How does Stephen react? Find out.  Read our full review of this fun book here. 

3. Thukpa For All:

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KSP Contributor Anisha Bajaj tells us what makes this book special (read her review here). This picture book is intellectually and emotionally nourishing. A warm hot food-for-thought! Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Ladakh, it is the story about a visually impaired boy and his valour and grit.

4. RED 

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With all of us safely cocooned in our homes, there is very little our children know about growing up in a battle-prone zone and what life means to those kids. How do you explain war and violence to the young minds? How do the kids growing up in such surroundings cope up with all of this?

5. The Colour Thief

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KSP Contributor Anisha Bajaj tells us what makes this book special (read her review here). The colour thief is a loner and loves to confine himself in dark caves. The contrasting use of vivid and bright colours in the backdrop and the black and white (rather dull grey) giant is just splendid! As the spring approaches, this giant peers outside and starts to scoop up all the colours from the leaves of the trees, from the flowers and also from the lovely butterflies! What does he do next? Read the book to find out! 

6. An Alphabet Of Stories 

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Every letter of the alphabet finds itself an intriguing mini-story that the kids will enjoy reading. Some about astronauts, some about an Owl, some about robots- the stories come and go for each letter- but the narration stays with the kids. 

7. How To Build A Hug 

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A biographical picture book about Dr Temple Grandin and her invention- the hug machine that is proven to work wonders with kids diagnosed with autism. A great non-fiction you must add to your child's collection that also helps them understand other kids with differences.

8. Neel On Wheels 

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One of the best books released this year that teaches your kids to be empathetic. Teaches your kids that disability isn't an impediment but opens windows of other opportunities. Narrated in a fun way about a story of 2 brothers, this one id a must-have in your child's collection.  

9. Susie Will Not Speak 

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What happens when the mean kids at school play pranks on a little girl who has a lisp and makes fun of her? She decides to go into a shell and stops talking to anybody. Her best friend now has to come up with something innovative to help Susie start speaking again and to teach the other kids a lesson. What he does forms a nice read for the kids. 

10. El Chupacabras

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A book in half-Spanish and half-English, this story is all about the dreadful monster that does the unthinkable- but is it always true?! Find out. With great cinematic illustrations and an engaging storyline, this book has won the hearts of parents and kids alike this year. 

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