Best Children’s Books That Have Been Made Into Blockbuster Movies!

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There’s something exciting about watching your favourite novel or book being converted to a blockbuster movie, right?! When Lion King hit the theatres last year, I watched it starry-eyed along with my daughter and relived every dialogue, thanks to the multiple read sessions we have had of the book, over the years! 

Over the decades, popular books, especially children’s books have been converted into movies that are a hit even today when aired on television or OTT. Also, for those of you who are finding it tough raising a reluctant reader, sometimes the reverse helps. Get them to watch the movie and then ask them to read a movie- they will love it! 

But, if your child loves reading- you must always go the book route first- without a doubt. Helps spark their creativity and gets them to imagine in great ways! 

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  • These books have been made into super hit movies that kids have loved over the world. Read them again this summer and also watch them along with your kids!
  • Helps save you hours of time Googling for that perfect movie/ book for your child- trust us!

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