Best Courses On Summer Fun Factory For Kids: 8 Years & Above

Go ahead and access them on Summer Fun Factory- great courses at greater prices! Don’t miss it! 

After a year of staying in, am sure children, as well as parents, have exhausted all possible ways of entertaining themselves and are constantly on the lookout for new things to do, learn and enjoy. This is exactly, why we at KSP Summer Fun Factory are working extra hard to launch new courses every week for kids so they get something new and exciting this summer! 

If you thought toddlers and preschoolers are the difficult categories to handle when stuck indoors, parents- wait till they grow older! You will hear more cries of boredom when they grow older and this time, the cries are louder and stronger! 

We have 45+ curated courses for kids on Summer Fun Factory, and today we shorten the list with the best courses for your kids – 8 years and above. Go through this list- a mix of courses under Kids’ Bundles and Exclusives-where we have courses by educators from across the country and our editors who have curated the best for your kids. 

Go ahead, access this list and make your pick!

For Your Bookworms & Aspiring Book Lovers:

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For Those Aspiring To Learn Something New & Creative:

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Creative & Poetry Writing For Kids 

Best Videos & Apps To Help Your Kids Stay Fit & Healthy 

Mindfulness For Kids- Video Workshop

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For Those Who Simply Love Stories!

Relive The Best Stories With These Storytelling Videos 

STEM Stories For Kids Explaining

The Significance Of Hanuman Chalisa For Kids 

Go ahead and access them on Summer Fun Factory- great courses at greater prices! Don’t miss it! 

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