Best Kid Friendly Bookstores In Pune

Just what a parent needs to add to their child’s book collection. share this list with a parent in Pune who is looking to raise young bookworms. And don’t forget to subscribe to KSP Book Club for the best reading recommendations for your kids

How do you raise a mini bookworm? Just get them to start reading and start them early! Science often tells us why getting kids into the reading habit at a much earlier age has numerous benefits and helps open up a world of imagination and creativity in the little minds. 

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If you are a parent in Pune, the good news is that there is no dearth of options for your little bookworms in this city. We have compiled a list of the best bookstores in the city that you need to head to with your kids and add to their collections!

Enlit Kids

Enlit Kids is a bookstore exclusively for children. This vibrant store has a collection of 50,000 books in different languages – English, Hindi and Marathi. They also house DIY activity kits, puzzles, educational games & toys and CDs. Enlit Kids also runs a Learning Club to conduct reading and activity-based programmes.
Address: Multiple Locations, Click Here
Contact: 020-65000692, 9850730384, 020 60600384, 9850084881
Website: Enlit Kids

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The Word Bookshop 

The Word Bookshop on MG Road, on Bootee Street, specialising in books on art, architecture, design, advertising, and graphics etc. They also have a children’s section – with picture-books, encyclopedias, etc. 
Address: 899, Bootee Street, Near Railway Reservation Centre, Camp, Pune
Contact: 9370678113, 020 3058 0007
Facebook: The Word Bookshop 

Pragati Book Centre

Pragati Book Center initially ventured into publishing academic guides and notes written by professors and other academics. These became a big hit with students. These guides have been extremely helpful for loads of students. They also have a small selection of books for children, dictionaries, self-help, fiction/non-fiction, etc. 
Address: Multiple Locations, Click Here.
Contact: 020 6601 7784
Website: Pragati Book Centre

Bargain Book Hut

Bargain Book Hut (BBH) has concept bookstores that are specifically designed for book-lovers to be able to buy books. Their range caters to all tastes from Art, Design, Health, Cookery to Gardening and Photography. They have a special section dedicated to children books. You can get some of the best titles in children’s books at huge discounts at Bargain Book Hut. 
Address: Phoenix Market City, S-38, 2nd Floor, Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune 
Contact: 020-60500690 / 30950690
Website: Bargain Book Hut
Facebook: Bargain Book Hut

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Akshardhara Book Gallery

Akshardhara Book Gallery is not only a bookstore, but it also runs many activities to induce youngsters to read more. There is a special section of popular Marathi authors is one part of the gallery and their collection includes books on Biographies, Dictionaries and Health, etc. It organizes book sales and exhibitions on a regular basis, offering amazing discounts.
Address: 1302 Sanas Plaza, Bajirao Road, Shukrawar Peth, Pune
Contact: 9822471001
Website: Akshardhara Book Gallery
Facebook: Akshardhara Book

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Crossword Bookstores

Crossword stocks the widest range of Books, Toys, Stationery, Magazine &  Accessories. With its large children’s section,  its focus on making the store a friendly, safe, fun-filled place, Crossword bookstores also promote the reading habit among children with weekly activities.
Address: Multiple Locations, Click Here.
Website: Crossword Bookstores
Facebook: Crossword Bookstores

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