Best Books To Read With Your Kids This Mother’s Day

We had a tough time curating this list of the must-reads with your kids for #MothersDay, but we are sure you and the kids will love it.

My little one is already kicked about Mother’s Day and is innocently revealing her plans of a surprise to me already! Other than some adorable crafts and some recipes to give me a ‘break in the kitchen’, she is going to write about her mom for a school project.

It’s Mother’s Day special everywhere and I quietly decided to revamp her bookshelf this week with new releases that help ring in the celebrations in the air and aid in your quality mommy-child bonding. 

We, at KSP Book Club, have handpicked a list of the top 10 books you will love to read with your kids, that have hit the stands in 2018-2019 that tell you all about why ‘mommy is the best’. Sorry dads- you are just going to have to accept that this week is all about mommies!

Scroll down and take a look at the list and tell us which one is your favourite. We had a tough time curating this one, but we are sure you and the kids will love it.

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