Best Sanitary Pads To Get Your Tween Daughter For Her First Period

Here is a list of the best brands we recommend for sanitary napkins and menstrual cups. Find out what works best for you!

When it comes to menstrual hygiene, choosing a safe and comfortable sanitary pad is a game-changer and any woman’s true companion. Just like you like your pizza, every woman’s preference and expectations from sanitary napkins and menstrual cups are as different as is valid. Some like them soft, some thin, some long and the list goes on.

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Personal experience has taught me that your daughter’s first pad may or may not suit her. She may find it too long or too thick. So give it a few months. We want her to be comfortable and not dread it right? I would also suggest you have a talk with your daughter about puberty once you notice physical body developments in your daughter. They normally start around age 11-12 years, but it could b earlier for some. We need them to be prepared fr what is to come.  

A few things to remember

  • Pads come in different sizes for heavier and lighter periods. So figure what your daughter needs in the initial months. It could change as her periods become more regular.
  • They also come in deodorant varieties, but these can irritate the vagina. Simply changing pads often can cut down on any odour.
  • It’s a good idea to change pads at least every 3 or 4 hours even if you’re not menstruating much.

Here is a list of sanitary napkin brands that could work for her

The Woman’s Company Teen Pads 

These organic pads have no chemicals or dioxin which makes it skin-friendly and rash proof. The pads have no bleach used and extremely gentle on the skin. Buy here

Bella Maxi Drai Wings Classic Sanitary Napkins

The comfort cushion soft absorbent part of a napkin located in its centre provides a feeling of softness and fast absorption. The Drai special top sheet netting provides a great feeling of dryness. Buy here

Always Totally Teen Always Radiant Infinity Pads 

These are great for your young one. You can be assured of no leaks and no rashes. Buy here

Sanfe Bamboo Sanitary Pads, Ultra-Thin Natural Sanitary Napkins 

These natural organic sanitary pads are lightweight and ultra-thin, with plant-based waterproof backing and wings for extra leak protection. Buy here

Lemme Be Sanitary Pads

Made from 100% organically grown cotton, suitable for all skin types.Thin, cottony-soft material, paraben-free & artificial fragrance-free. Buy here

Whisper Ultra Clean

One of the most widely used sanitary napkins in India, Whisper is appreciated for its ‘100% wetness lock’ formula, so it is perfect for all those girls who fear the icky wetness during heavy periods. This gel-based fragranced pad blocks out any foul odour and leaves a hygienic finish. Available in a variety of size variations, it is long-lasting and recommended to be changed every 3-4 hours.  Buy here

Stayfree All Night XL Dry Max Cover Sanitary Napkins

If you are worried sick about sleeping through the night or afraid of staining through the night there are pads designed for that. With about 2X the coverage owing to the extra length and width, it also has provides large wings to rule out the possibility of spillage. Buy here

Sofy Antibacterial Extra Long Sanitary Napkins

If your child has sensitive skin and is easily prone to bacterial infections, this one is for you. Not only is it economical, but it also has a ‘green sheet’ that is made with natural ingredients to reduce the chances of developing a bacterial infection. Unlike some other pads, this perfume-free formula still promises an odour-free experience, even with a heavy flow. It feels like cotton and is a definite treat for sensitive skin. Moreover, its length will allow you to remain stress-free. Buy here

Nua Sanitary Pads

These are user-friendly biodegradable pads. It is completely chemical-free. So now you can kiss rashes, odour and irritation goodbye! Additionally, it is fully customizable basis your preferred size and flow. Buy here

Carefree Sanitary Pads

One of the oldest and most comfortable brands in India, Carefree really does promise a ‘care free’ period. If you are worried about staining on a long road trip or on a busy day, these pads provide 5-6 hours of protection even with heavy periods. The adjustable wings will lock in the chances of spillage and the thin layer will prevent skin irritation and rashes. Carefree also has a wide range of panty liners.  Buy here

Stayfree Secure XL Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkins

Do you want to wear a skin-con fit on your period, but are worried about the architecture of your pad showing? This one is sure to help! This ultra-thin sanitary napkin is not only long-lasting but also quickly absorbs the blood, leaving you feeling dry throughout. These pads can be used for all types of flow and kill any bad odour. Buy here

VWash WOW Sanitary Napkin Ultra-Thin

Are you a heavy bleeder? Use VWash, for it provides an advanced fluid lock and has wings that absorb an equivalent amount of blood too. It is also great for sensitive skin and infection-prone girls. Buy here

Carmesi All Natural Sanitary Pads

For all the environment lovers, this one is for you! Carmesi manufactures all-natural sanitary napkins with natural fibres of bamboo and corn starch, which helps prevent skin irritation. It consists of an extra dry cover with a soft feel that absorbs all of the blood. This antibacterial pad also comes in travel packages and biodegradable disposable bags. Easy usage, easy disposal, easy period! Buy her

Have a safe and comfortable period!

If you need help talking to your kids about periods this could be a great help

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