Redefining PLAY: Let Kids Be Kids With Gender-Neutral Toys


Did your son play with Barbies or Hot Wheels? Do you decorate your daughter’s birthday mostly in pink or blue? Do you encourage your kids to watch fairy tales or superhero movies? Most of us grew up in a society where girls played with Barbies and kitchen sets, while boys played with trucks and action figures. But it’s time to address the gender bias & the stereotype they represent to our kids & us.

We should move beyond these limiting labels and encourage children to play with a wide range of toys. Do you agree?

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of hosted the 2nd Roundtable on PLAY held by the LEGO® Group where she spoke to panelists – Fatema Agarkar, Founder of ACE & Piya Marker, Parent Coach & Special Needs Educator.

Every child is unique, and their interests and talents should be nurtured without judgment based on gender. Allowing them to play with a variety of toys encourages them to discover and develop a broad range of skills and interests.

Piya Marker talks about

Our unconscious bias steers us to pick up things that are not gender neutral…. PLAY with a toy because it’s great for you not because it’s a girl toy or boy toy; girl colur or boy colour

Fatema Agarar shared that

The CEO of the Toy Association has said that a toy is a toy – until you put a label on it.

It’s a very interesting watch, so I would advise you not to miss it. Watch the full video and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a new video drop!

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