Books By Sudha Murty That Must Be On Your Child’s Bookshelf

Bringing Indian mythology back in vogue with her simple narrative style, here’s why we are impressed with Sudha Murty’s collection for kids!

Sudha Murty, considered as the First Lady of the Indian Tech world, dons several hats. She started her career as a computer scientist and engineer and went on to become the chairperson of Infosys and now enjoys a successful stint as a famous writer in English and Kannada. And among the list of books that she has written, the ones that cater to the young audience have met with great appreciation and recognition. 

On the occasion of her birthday on August 19th, we give you a list of the best children’s books by Sudha Murty you would want to add to your child’s collection right away! 

1. How I Taught My Grandmother To Read And Other Stories 

For ages: 7 and above 

Why we love this: Grandma has taught you a lot- but what happens when she wants to learn something from you? Or how should your kids react when they get more marks than they actually deserve because of an oversight by the teacher? Sudha Murty blends real-life instances with literary imagination to weave beautiful stories for kids to enjoy. Buy the book here. 

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