“Books Helped Me Expand My Horizons & Expand My Thinking” | Twinkle Khanna


A chat with Twinkle Khanna is always a pleasant experience. From bordering on the struggles of mommyhood to what it takes to raise teenage kids, we love to chat about it all with Mrs. Funnybones. But at the end, the conversation always comes back circling to the favourite part- on raising readers and how to be the parent who achieves that.

Mansi Zaveri- Founder of Kidsstoppress.com and a bonafide bookworm, got into a fun conversation with Twinkle Khanna- Mom, Author, Coloumnist, and Entrepreneur. They spoke about their shared passion- reading and reading more! They also spoke on what it takes to raise a reader in today’s times.

With the amount of digital distraction in today’s times, it isn’t easy being a reader. But at the sme time, with the number of days our kids have spent indoors cocooned, thanks to lockdown and quarantine- there isn’t a better time to start!

  • Raising a reader, as we find out is, not an impossible task.
  • It is okay if you are not an ardent rader- you can still raise one.
  • Reading goes beyond the last page of a book.
  • Re-reading your favourite books is absolutely okay, even if you have grown up into an adult not! Just don’t curb an ardent reader!

Tweak, Twinkle’s entrepreneurial venture, have launched their first subscription box for kids aged 5-8 years that’s a treasure chest full of treats for the kids. Twinkle gives us an insight into what inspired her to launch this, and how the curation of the subscription box and the contents inside happened, and lots more.

Go ahead and watch the video and if you are all set to raise a reader or flourish the habit in your book worm- you are at the right place. Head to our all-new KSP Book Club to know all the exciting things that are in store for you and your little ones!

And if you are a Twinkle fan (well, who isn’t!) and love her witty take on all things under the sun, you will love our earlier podcast on planning the right meal as a parent and the responsibility that comes with it.


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