Books That Help Convey Honesty Is The Best Policy To Kids (In A Non-Preachy Way)

Honesty is definitely the one value all our kids should have. With these books your kid can learn about it in the most organic way possible.
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How’s your week going? Is it raining heavily in your part of the country, that forces you to cancel your weekend plans and stay indoors?!

If you are nodding, you know that you will need a range of ammunitions to keep the kids engaged when they are indoors (yes, they have forgotten the lockdown life completely!)

Week after week we give you a list of the best books, filtered by age and theme that your kids can read and will enjoy. These are curated by us, so you know you can save hours on opening those reviews, on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

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This week on KSP Book Club we have an interesting topic and book reccos which you might have to sneakkk into your child’s bookshelf! We are dealing with the topic of speaking the truth and why honesty is really the best policy. But hey, heads up don’t label or blame your child when they read them saying “they need to read this and learn”. None of us like that, do we? They will then end up not liking the books ( and the art of reading) and not learning a lesson that we intended them to, as well.

So go ahead, and read these books WITH your child, so the message gets them thinking. And tell us which book you loved the most.

Best Children’s Books On Honesty & Truth

Age: 2-5

Betty Bunny Didn’t Do It

Buy Here

A Big Fat Enormous Lie

Buy Here

The Berenstain Bears And The Truth

Buy Here

Norman Didn’t Do It!

Buy Here

Age 4-8

Teach Your Dragon To Stop Lying

Buy Here

Molly The Great Tells The Truth

Buy Here

A Bike Like Sergio’s

Buy Here

The Boy Who Cried Ninja

Buy Here

Yoon And The Jade Bracelet

Buy Here

What Smart Moms Of Readers Do…

What’s your book budget- for everyone in the family? Do you have a weekly or monthly allowance on how much you are willing to spend on books?

Not all have. And it’s awesome if you have a limit too. It’s just that make sure you encourage your kids to spend more on books and reading than on other stuff- simple.

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Word Of The Week


Something that is done without the intended energy or enthusiasm

Usage: They didn’t the new girl in the class, and asked her some perfunctory questions about her family.

How Do You Know If Your Kids Are Ready To Read Certain Books?

This is a question we often hear from parents and we have answered them on the Book Club newsletters and Mansi Zaveri has also done an exclusive webinar on how to choose the best books for your kids. You can find the webinar link below.

But now, as parents, do we worry if our kids will be scared by certain characters? Like Miss Trunchbull or the BFG? I am thinking aloud- what do you feel about this?

The answer to finding that out is by sitting WITH your kids and easing them into the book they read. Yes, we are not going to be reading horror stories for preschoolers, but if we feel certain characters or plots scare them or put them off, we need to be there to ease them into it.

Read the book with the child or read it out to them and familiarise them with the characters. We have shared some reccos of the best Roald Dahl books you must get your kids from 5 to 9 years. Check out this video.

And that’s a wrap on this week’s KSP Book Club newsletter. Share your feedback if you are liking our exclusive KSP Book Club newsletters. Tag us on @kidsstoppress, @janani.s.koushik and #KSPBooKClub to tell us if you like the reccos we share every week. And if you have any special requests do drop me a mail at

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