Books That Teach Kids All About Hygiene & Fighting Germs

Are your kids care less about germs and washing their hands the right way? This list of books will come to your rescue!

Kids and germs are inseparable. One little kid has a runny nose in the class, and within a week we witness a few more down with the sniffles. Agree that is inevitable to separate them or keep them home every time they sneeze or cough. But the ideal thing would be to teach kids the right way to wash their hands, and how and when they should do it.

Did you know that kids should wash their hands a minimum of 20 seconds to help them fight the germs the right way? A quick wash hardly helps solve the issue. Tune into these tips and more on keeping kids away from germs in this useful video. 

On KSP Book Club we list the best books in the market that teach your kids all about washing their hands the right way and all about personal hygiene as the larger picture. Scroll down to see which books cater to your child's age and add them to cart right away, Also don't forget to subscribe to KSP Book Club to receive age-wise recommendations on the best books for kids 

Supergirls Play a Trick

Age: 6 and above

This book helps teach your kids all about personal hygiene, why you need to keep yourself clean and in short- mommy makes a big deal out of this! Read more about this series here on KSP Book Club 

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Meet Bacteria

Age: 3 and above 

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A little peek-a-boo into the world of microbes and bacteria from a microscopic view that helps little kids understand what the fuss is all about. 

Germs Are Not For Sharing 

Age: 4+ years 

This popular book helps teach the little ones why sharing is not always caring! How our little acts can help in preventing the spread of germs and lots more detailed in this book that hs wonderful illustrations. 

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Germs Make Me Sick 

Age: 3 and above 

Another popular choice among kids and junior science lovers, this book helps explain the different kinds of germs, what they do, how they cause havoc in our lives. An interesting read for kids in today's times. 

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