Bored Of Plastic? You Must Try This Brand’s Range Of Feeding Solutions

Steering away from plastic? This International brand makes designs that win the hearts of all- from kids to adults alike!

Like all concerned plastics, I try to shun away at the sight of plastic- especially when it comes to essentials for my kids.

When I stumbled upon Kids Basix, sippers, feeding bottles and water bottles all made out of stainless steel I was super excited. I am not a big fan of plastic and second plastic bottles require a lot more cleaning and sterilizing. We also know the dangers of plastic and chemicals leaching from warmed up plastic bottles and glass is not the next best option either. Kids Basix is a water bottle brand from California and tries to address all the spilling woes that moms often have.  Read more about it on #FindItOnKSP. 

A variety of products:

The brand designs products that are safe, non-toxic and sustainable. The brand produces products for feeding babies as well as toddlers and young kids. They offer a varied range of products by their three product line specially designed for kids. The three product line namely Safe starter i.e. for feeding babies, Safe Sippy and Safe Sippy 2 for toddlers, Safe Sporter for toddlers as well as adults.

Hollywood loves it too: 

These products are a super hit within the Hollywood club. Several celebrities like Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl, Nichole Richie and many others have been spotted using them for their kids.

What’s not so basic?

The safe sippy 2 can be used as a sipper & a straw cup with a stopper. It has an easy plug that can be removed and changed easily.



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What We Love:

  1. It’s all steel- that’s something that won me over instantly! 
  2. The brand offers products for everyone- from babies to gym essentials for adults. 
  3. The products are eco-friendly and colourful giving a sporty look.
  4. The product is safe for kids to use,

Get these products and ensure a safe sip for kids.

Shop here: Amazon 

Website: Kids Facebook: Kids Basix Shop: Leading Department stores across all metros. Online: &,, Also, the products are available at the leading stores in Mumbai. 

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