Indian Grazing Board Tips By BowledOverByKari


Not sure what a grazing platter is? Grazing boards offer a diverse array of flavours and textures in one visually appealing presentation. From cheeses and cured meats to fruits, nuts, and dips, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

And for a big party, it’s a lifesaver for the host. It is relatively easy to assemble compared to more intricate dishes and the visual impact is impressive.

I’ve always found that a grazing platter encourages social interaction. Guests gather around the board, helping themselves to their favourite bites, talking, and trying new combos, it’s a good feeling seeing everyone mingle.

On our Season 2 of Kidsstoppress podcast with Karishma Mehta or bowledoverbykari as she is popularly known Mansi Zaveri asks her for tips on how to put a fancy grazing board/platter together. She gives us tips on how to use Indian food and gives each idea a twist for a charcuterie board.

She talks about how she puts her grazing boards together and what combinations work well! Make your next party fun with these simple ideas!

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You can watch the full interview with bowledoverbykari below

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