Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms [Video Workshop]

This course has everything a new mom needs to know about breastfeeding. With this course, you will get amazing tips that will surely help you out. Access now!

As new moms we often hear how breastfeeding is the most natural thing for a mother. Added to that are all the expectations of feeding the baby just right. Not many understand that a mom is breastfeeding for the first time and it is a learning process for both baby and mom. With so many things to get right, there are bound to be questions. 

And more than often, we don’t know whom to ask these questions. This is a very sensitive and important topic, to which you need the right and appropriate answers. So, where will you go for that?

Don’t worry new moms. We’ve got this covered!

Access the exclusive Breastfeeding 101 Course. With video tutorials on understanding breastfeeding better to essential checklist that new moms will need- we have it all covered.

Why do you need this course?

  • In this KSP Exclusive with Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant, Effath Yasmin, this course will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about breastfeeding and how to get it right. 
  • From the right positions to hold your child, to busting the popular mythos on breastfeeding, Effath tells us all. 
  • Almost there yet? Don’t worry. We have some handy tips for expectant moms to help them stay prepared for their life’s most beautiful journey. 
  • Bonus: Breastfeeding essentials checklist for new moms. 
  • Also- you get lifelong access to this course- so no pressure, no deadlines and no restrictions. 

Go ahead, access this course right here. 

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