Breathable Fabrics That Make The Bed Your Kids’ Favourite Hangout!

At Swaas Life you will find a collection of bed and bath linen as well as daily accessories such as masks, tote bags, beeswax candles, etc. Read more about them on #FindItOnKSP

The kids are holed up indoors. Dining tables and beds have doubled up as workstations. Corners by the windows are now a designated spot for Zoom calls. There has never been a better time to invest in the look and feel of your homes than now! Don’t you agree? 

After a busy day managing chores and work, it is a daily ritual in my house to crash on the bed together with the kids- do something that brings us a little closer and satisfying for the young ones. It’s board games one day, book-reading sessions on some days, or even IPL on a good day! What’s your daily bonding routine with the kids? Tell us in the comments below. 

Today on #FindItOnKSP, we tell you all about this new brand that helps you redecorate and give your homes a new look and feel! Find out what’s new at Swaas Life below. 

About the brand: 

Swaas Life- which describes itself as a “fresh breath of air that’s always around” is a new brand in the market that focuses on sustainable and ethically made furnishing products. Based out of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, Swaas Life is run by Dr. Sudha Anand. With a focus on refurbishing the Indian market with a more care-based approach, Swaas Life makes home furnishing products that are 100% cotton and sustainable, and the best part we liked- it is a brand that is made and led by women! 

What products do they make? 

At Swaas Life you will find a collection of bed and bath linen as well as daily accessories such as masks, tote bags, beeswax candles, etc. 

What’s in Swaas Life for the children in your homes? 

  • Swaas Life has launched their new collection for pre-teens and there has never been a better time to revamp your child’s room than now!
  • Their collection boasts of anti-microbial bedsheets made of 100% Indian cotton with a 200 Thread Count and comes in various colours and designs. 
  • Their products are certified for OekoTex 100 standards- which implies the use of sustainably made dyes. 
  • These incredibly soft sheets keep away the evils of unwanted germs, bacteria, and dust away from your tiny tots and stay cleaner for longer, helping both you and your kids snuggle in for a good night’s sleep!
  • The prints aren’t exactly all cutesy and filled with cartoons. The Pre-Teen collection houses a good unisex mix of animal prints, flower collections, space designs, rainbow designs etc. 
  • Whether you are curled up in the bed reading books with them, or challenging them to a game of Chess, or checking our fun baking recipes together, your kids are going to convert their beds as their new go-to comfort corners in your homes. 

Here’s a look at some of our preferred prints in the PreTeen collection:


So we are saying:

If you are looking to make a responsible and eco-friendly switch to your homes, this a brand you might want to consider. And given that it is soft, safe, and with stunning designs- they make a safe entrant to the kids’ rooms as well. 

P.S- They are running an exciting contest for Mother’s Day- so head to SwaasLife Instragram handle for some exciting giveaways! 

Price: The Pre-teen collections start at Rs 1529 for single bedsheets and Rs 2249 for double bedsheets. 

Where to buy:


This post is written in association with Swaas Life. 

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