Building LEGO® Sets Got My Kids Dreaming Big And Playful While Learning

A LEGO® Set is not just another toy that I bought for my kids. It unlocks essential skills which every kid needs to be prepared for tomorrow. Read this to know why PLAY should be at the core of it all.

As a child, I was gifted a LEGO® Set that left a lasting impression on my young mind. While playing with the set, I found myself invariably drawn toward constructing various architectural structures, predominantly houses. It was an exercise in creativity, as I attempted to create new variations of the same house design, tailored to match my moods.

Of all the toys I had, this LEGO® Set was still my favourite thing to sit with. I had some basic bricks, a door, a few windows, and two base plates (one for the foundation and one for the roof). However, when I look around now, the variety and offerings of LEGO® Sets are truly exciting! Now, I have kids of my own and they are hard-core LEGO® Bricks lovers. I have had days when colourful bricks were strewn all over my drawing room. But this is one activity I’m so glad the kids are happy with even though LEGO® Bricks are all over! 

I recently read that the original LEGO® Bricks were actually made of wood and crafted 90 years ago. Danish Carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen wanted to give kids endless possibilities to build, play and learn. I can totally understand that and do appreciate what comes with buying a LEGO® Set. It’s not just another toy that I bought for them, it unlocks essential skills which every kid needs to be prepared for tomorrow. When I see the kids rip open that box, I just sit back and wait to see what wonders they are going to conjure up with their small hands. 

Really, when kids have a LEGO® Set in front of them, there is no right or wrong way to learn through play. When you see your kids trying their hands at building with their small hands; it’s a sight to behold! So, I always let the small hands build their big dreams with LEGO® Bricks. If you are raising a LEGO® lover then you would have probably witnessed all this too; even though most LEGO® Sets come with an instruction manual, a kid is more likely to toss it to the side and build using their own imagination. Experimentation and self-expression flow as towers rise and crumble and odds and ends become intricate add-ons to LEGO® Sets. 

Sometimes one of them does get angry or frustrated and throws the offending half-finished model across the room, but soon they are back to solve the problem. Most times I have seen that they learned that a little time spent musing over their options is more productive than losing their temper.

When kids play with LEGO® Bricks they learn so much besides having fun only. LEGO® Bricks has taught them perseverance and that it’s ok to try out new ideas without fear of failure. Things might not have worked out as planned, but they can manage and overcome this. At least, that is what my kids love doing with their LEGO® Bricks. It’s quite fascinating to see what they can do when they build their big dreams from small hands while learning and playing! 

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