Buying These Math Manipulatives Made The Subject A Lot More Fun For My Kids!

2.Mathematics manipulative for teaching area and volume conceptMath Soft wood 3D ShapesShop For: Rs. Mathematics manipulative for teaching number sense and place valueIdek Bundle Abacus With dice And Place Value CardsShop For: Rs. Mathematics manipulative for teaching counting, measuring and patterning conceptMath Plastic Centimeter CubesShop For: Rs. Mathematics manipulative for teaching basic math conceptsWood Computation Study Box Wooden Educational ToyShop For: Rs.
Ask anyone and they will tell you learning mathematics formulae was never fun. Sure, there were the mnemonics and other memory aids, but we can safely admit we needed a lot more help. Mathematics manipulatives are objects that children can use to learn a mathematical concept simply by playing with them. These days children have their pick of manipulatives and the market is flooded with toys and games that make mathematics so much more fun. Math manipulatives like wooden pegs, blocks, weighing scales are designed to build number sense and give children a taste of mathematical concepts.

Here are 8 manipulatives that will definitely make mathematics so much more fun!

1.Mathematics manipulative for teaching volume and weight concept

Idek Math Plastic Weighing Balance

 Shop For: Rs. 549/-
Idek Math Plastic Weighing Balance_for kids_kidsstoppress
Description: The weighing balance comes with two, one litre volume measures which are marked and are removable. They are made of clear plastic to see what is being weighed. They can be used to weigh solids and liquids. It makes an excellent tool to understand the volume-weight relationship. It can get a little messy with the liquids, but don’t your kids just love messy?
2.Mathematics manipulative for teaching area and volume concept
Shop For: Rs. 202/-
Math Soft wood 3D Shapes_for kids_kidsstoppress
Description: Here is an easy fix to teach your kids, the most difficult and tedious concepts of area and volume. These soft wood shapes make it easier to understand and learn all about points, lines and shapes.
3. Mathematics manipulative for teaching time concept 
 Shop For: Rs. 205/-
Math Wooden Clock_for kiids_kidsstoppress

Description: Wooden analogue clock showing the 12 hour and 24 hour time format. This helps in telling the time and understanding elapsed time. It is an excellent tool to learn hours and minutes in a tactile way. Can also be used to teach the concept of angles formed by the hands of the clock.

4. Mathematics manipulative for teaching number sense and place value
 Shop For: Rs. 671/-
Idek Bundle Abacus With dice And Place_for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: Abacus can be used to teach basic number sense, addition, subtraction and place value concepts to kids. This set comes with place value cards and a number dice which can be be used to perform number operations through dice games and reinforce the fundamentals of mathematics for kids.

5. Mathematics manipulative for teaching geometry 
Shop For: Rs. 280/-
Math Wood Geoboard_for kids_kidsstoppress
Description: A double-sided wooden board with pegs to study- area, perimeter, congruency and symmetry. Kids are introduced to basic geometric concepts through visual representation of various shapes that can be formed by stretching rubber bands from peg to peg.
6. Mathematics manipulative for teaching counting, measuring and patterning concept
Shop For: Rs. 250/-
Math Plastic Centimeter Cubes_for kids_kidsstoppress
Description: These colourful cubes are just perfect for teaching basic counting, measuring and patterning to your preschooler.

7. Mathematics manipulative for teaching everyday money transactions 

Math Laminated paper and coins Play money notes and coins

Shop For: Rs. 275/-

Math Laminated paper and coins Play money_for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: In this set, rupees of different denominations are printed and laminated to look like real money. It focuses on the tactile reinforcement of counting, borrowing and breaking up into smaller denominations in kids. Play money also exposes young learners into understanding daily money transactions.

8. Mathematics manipulative for teaching basic math concepts

Wood Computation Study Box Wooden Educational Toy

Shop For: Rs. 329/-

Wood Computation Study Box Wooden_for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: A computation study box helps explain basic math concepts like addition, subtraction to children. Start from the number of train concept; and gradually move  from easy to difficult to perform arithmetic calculations.

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