Can Books Ever Be Replaced By Screens?

We spoke to the founder of Kitab Khana, Amrita Somaiya about the importance books and how they have evolved over the lockdown. Check it out!

Books are the best companion anyone can have, especially children.So why would anyone ever think that you could replace books with screen? Now thats an ongoing debate for many, but as far as we know, we would never replace a child’s library with anything!

We spoke to Amrita Somaiya, the founder of Mumbai’s most loved Book shop in Kala Ghoda, Kitaab Khana about the importance of reading books at an early age, how to make fall in love with books with so much distraction around and how they have missed their little customers over the lockdown. 

She wanted to create a booksore where books are accessible and available for kids. That means it was ok for kids ot run around, pick up books they liked and sit on the beanbag for hours and get lost in the world of books! She tells us the more you read to the child, the more they immerse themselves in it. She get amazed when she asks parents ask gadgets over books. She talks about how kids imitate their parents, so the real question is if the parents are obsessed with their gadgets? The digital world is here to stay and it is here to grow. But it can never give you the same comfort as opening a book and smelling those pages and tactically sensing it. .

The lockdown has completely changed the way we experience books. It has pushed us to open on different portals, especially online. We need to make our readers feel that they are in the store and keep them engaged. The physical store may not be open but we are making changes to adapt to the new normal because reading must go on.
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