Can One Be Content & Ambitious? Author Sudha Murty Explains

We talked to Sudha Murty at the launch of her new book. She gets candid about parenting duties she shared with her husband Narayan Murty and shares a few gems of advice you should definitely listen to!

Who is your favourite children’s book author?

Compared to earlier generations today’s kids have it a lot difficult.  Amidst iPad, apps, Netflix and video games, the good ol’ art of reading is lost somewhere. But reading is a skill that gives you wings like no other. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t completely crushing on getting your kids to read and it all ends in a battlefield at the end of the day, you are not alone and we can help you sort that out. You can check our tips here.

India’s favourite children’s book author Sudha Murty’s latest book hit the stands recently and Mansi Zaveri of Kidsstoppress got an exclusive interview with her.

Amongst other things we also chatted with her about 

  • Whether parenting duties were shared between her husband Narayan Murty & her?
  • Did she feel like she was giving in even though she was as educated and as hard-working?
  • How to be a better parent?

and more..

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If children’s author Sudha Murty is on your list of favourites ad you want to know her style of parenting and listen to parenting tips she shared with us in the past, then check out this video too

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