Can These Newly Launched Biscuits Fill The 4.00 P.M. Snack?

The Growing Giraffe offers healthy snacks for kids and parents. The snacks are made by moms for moms. Isn’t it best when it is tried and tested?

“Mom, I am hungry” I wonder how they get hungry for the 15th time in a day. Food is the center point for most moms and meeting a family’s expectations can be hard. I always thought parenting is a wonderful journey but fears, self-doubt, concerns can change our perspective. The thoughts we circle around are – is my child sleeping enough? Are we feeding the right food? Are the meals balanced? 

Once I was given advice (not so unsolicited) and that was to make sure your child has a healthy relationship with food. For that, in my opinion, moms need to stop overthinking it. Yes – it is important for them to get all the right nutrition, but resorting to pre-made snacks which are yummy and in cute packaging doesn’t make you a bad mom. Everyone needs days where they opt for something easy. There are days where I just need something quick and ready, instead of having to sweat it out in the kitchen. When I spoke to many mommies – I realized I wasn’t alone. 

The Growing Giraffe has been making the rounds in many households. It’s a treat for a mom and a child because it has the best combination of age-old wisdom food but in the form of a cookie. But can these replace the energy ball laddoos made at home? No way. But I wouldn’t mind replacing it with the regular biscuits we resort to when we are traveling or sending our kids down to play. Wouldn’t you want to know more about it?

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What is The Growing Giraffe?


Every mom’s first question in the morning is what is my child going to eat? Some plan it to the tee on a Sunday while others are struggling everyday. When moms reach the tipping point in their days – they resort to packaged food. Does that make them bad moms who are ignorant? We don’t think so. 

If we are looking for readily available snacks, we may as well opt for a healthy one. The Growing Giraffe is a treat to a mom’s ears because it solves 2 purposes – yummy biscuits that kids love with ingredients parents would prefer. The best part is that it is made by my parents who keep in mind every parent’s concern. So, the question is – would you give these a try?

What’s special on the menu at The Growing Giraffe?

  • While some struggle to put something interesting on the table at 4 PM, and others just pre-make snacks such as makhanas and other healthy snacks for their children – the question is if The Growing Giraffe can replace a meal in the evening even when it is packed with Indian wisdom ingredients, especially when moms are having a busy day. 
  • Is it ok to give packaged food? Well, that’s not a preference for most parents – but last min planning and travelling can get easier for busy parents if they keep these handy.
  • The menu blends age-appropriate ingredients into meals that your kids will love.
  • The cookies introduce different flavours, helping children with well-rounded eating habits. They have a range of products like Ragi Cookies, Quinoa Almond Bars, and Cacao Peanutbutter Bars.
  • Gluten-free cookies for kids are still scarce in the market and this product hits the spot with all its ingredients.
  • Mommies, you can let out a sigh of relief – it is nutritionist-approved, allergy conscious, and they avoid sugar and salt. 
  • You should always know the back of the pack before you offer snacks to your child. The cookies have Ragi Flour – 40%, Whole wheat Flour – 4%, Oats – 12.2%, Butter – 16.2%, Jaggery – 27%, Skimmed Milk Powder – 1%.

Age: 8 months onwards

Price: Rs. 250 onwards 

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