CaratLane CEO On Why He Wanted His Kids To Take A Break From School (And Do This Instead)

Mithun Sacheti talks to us about fatherhood, the importance of family, and boundaries has created to bond better at home.

Everyone has different rules in their house. It doesn’t define as correct or incorrect. It means that they have defined their boundaries that work for them.

I have always believed that children are the product of their childhood but they also model our behaviour. So we need to bring our A game and respect their time.

Today in this conversation, Mansi Zaveri, the founder of speaks to Mithun Sacheti, the CEO of CaratLane about fatherhood, and trust me the key takeaways are something most of us should ponder on. He spoke to us about:

  • What fatherhood taught him
  • His ideologies on bringing work home
  • Values he wants his kids to learn from him
  • What he learnt from his children

and more…

Watch the entire video and on our channel!

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