CBSE vs ICSE vs IGCSE vs IB: Choosing the Right Board

Today, we are going to talk to you about the different curriculums, IB, CBSE, ICSE, SSC in India and what their strengths are. Mona Seervai , the head of school shares all the facts we need to know about IB. She debunks myths like why IB schools are expensive, what career opportunities are available in India and why it has become the most preferred curriculum. Tune in and get all your questions answered about the curriculum you want for your child.

There is so much pressure around picking the right curriculum for your child. Dinner table conversations seem to be all about that. It almost feels like it has become the most important decision of my child’s life. Questions like “Which school does your child go to and which curriculum are you thinking of” defines us. 

Was it like this when we were growing up? Do parents really know what they want for their child at such a young age? Can picking a type of curriculum define our parenting style?

The answer is NO. Most of the time parents are not aware of the different techniques in each curriculum and they just want to go with what the new fad is. 

Today, on KSP TV, Mona Seervai talks to us about all the curriculums in India and what are their strengths. She talks to us about why its a myth that all IB schools are expensive, why it is a preferred school, what are the opportunities in India and more. 

Tune in and you’ll surely get a clearer picture for your child! 

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