Chia Seeds For Kids: What You Need To Know

Do you have questions about chia seeds? We tell you why you should include them in your meal plan. We also have a simple tasty recipe that you can try out.

We recently featured our Homemade Chia Seeds Pudding. Needless to say, it’s one of our tastiest and healthiest breakfast options and it can be made the night before. All you need to do is pull it out of the fridge in the morning and dive in – perfect for rushed mornings.

If you are looking for healthy recipes to add to your weekly meal plan – moringa is a fantastic superfood to try. 

We got a lot of questions about this and we thought we should address them so that everyone can enjoy chia seeds and their benefits.

At What Age Can I Start Giving Chia Seeds To My Child?

Kids as young as one year can be given hydrated chia seeds mixed with their meals. But please do check with your paediatrician before you start anything new.

Is It A Good Idea To Give Chia Seeds To Kids?

Yes! Chia seeds are a superfood that is excellent for your child. They are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fibre. The essential fats help with brain development, eyesight, and concentration and boost the immune system.

The Chia Seeds Turn Gelatinous When Soaked. How Do I Use It?

Chia seeds are very mild in flavour so you can add them to almost any meal: smoothies, purees, fruit spread and even pudding. Our Chia Seed Pudding recipe is perfect. It’s simple and can be made the night before, making it a quick breakfast option. I have given it to the kids as dessert sometimes. It’s sweet & yummy!

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Do Chia Seeds Have To Be Soaked?

Soaked chia seeds are easier to digest and the nutrients are better absorbed and assimilated in your body. But you can use chia seeds like they are also if you’re making a smoothie or sprinkling it on top of a salad.

How Long Should They Be Soaked For?

They take about 20 minutes to get to the chewy texture when soaked.

Can I Use Regular Milk To Make This Pudding?

We find it tastes best with almond milk or coconut milk. They add extra creaminess to the pudding. But you can use full-fat milk if you do not have any dairy alternatives at home.

Can I Use Homemade Almond Milk or Coconut Milk?

Yes absolutely! You can use homemade almond or coconut milk.

Did you miss watching our simple Overnight Homemade Chia Seed Pudding that you can serve the kids on busy mornings for breakfast?

You can also use Chia seeds to make Breakfast Cookies. Yes! Cookies! For Breakfast!! Sounds good? Check out the recipe below

Looking for an option that comes in a bowl? Try this Mango Smoothie Bowl that takes less than 5 mins to put together

You can also check out these amazing recipes that use saffron to boost your health and add flavour to your food.

Get Your Family To Enjoy the Meals You Cook For Them - Sign up to get access to a FREE Meal Plan, a Seasonal Grocery List & a Recipe

How do you add chia seeds to your meals? Share your favourite chia seed recipe with us, we will publish it on the website giving you credit of course. Write to us at

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