Child-Friendly Itinerary To London & Things You Must Do

Planning a trip with your kids to London for the first time? Here’s the handy reckoner you will need.

I love travelling!

In my understanding, it is the best gift one can give themselves and is a great investment. Yes, investment! In self.

It makes you discover not just about the world around you, but also gives you a better understanding of yourself. I see it as a true education. Being an art buff, travel gives me the opportunity to admire the architecture and devour museums. So after I had my kids I wondered as to when would I really be able to travel carefree again! It’s not really easy to gaze at a coin collection with two bobbing heads right next to you, posing a million questions an hour!

So, the itinerary planning took a 180-degree twist. I had my heart set on Europe but the very thought of pulling out baby wipes while standing at the Louvre made me cringe. It’s only then that I realised- when you can’t beat it, learn to embrace it. We started searching for kid-friendly places to visit in Europe, not just restricted to amusement parks and zoos but ones that give holistic fun for all. 

London I must say caters to everyone! Scroll down to read my travel experience loaded with hacks for every parent to enjoy loads of fun at the Queen’s capital when you are travelling with kids! 

Things to remember:

1. The Stay:

I would suggest that one must book way in advance whether it’s for a hotel or a homestay. The deals are very attractive and you can possibly stay in Zone 1 at the price of Zone 2! When one is travelling with kids, convenience is a high priority. Staying in a central area, you can walk your way to most of the popular sights and there is convenient access to underground transport too. I am glad we took the recommendation by a friend and booked ourselves in a place that’s in the centre of the city. I discovered the joy of booking a junior suite, as it came along with a kitchenette. It was perfect to heat a cup of soup, plug in a travel pot or scruff up some munchies for the day. 


There are some places in the world where you can eat out for every single meal and there are some, where you will find it a struggle, especially for vegetarians and vegans. But God bless the Subways and Tescos of the world! A bowl of soup/ slice of pizza and yummy sandwiches were always just an arm’s length away. The fresh produce is wonderful, and we unanimously chose fruit, salad and berries as a snack. It’s not tough to find an Indian restaurant in London, but the overall eating out was proving to be an expensive affair. The currency conversion hits you hard. A great mix of eating out, food-on-the-go and the travel cook pot worked well for us. 

3. Travel:

London has amongst the finest transport systems in the world. In fact, it was amongst the highlights of our trip. The kids loved using public transport, the underground trains, and buses that are clean, easy and great connectivity. Back home in Mumbai, public transport isn’t an easy choice for those fearing crowds and sometimes hygiene. What made life convenient was picking up the visitor Oyster Travel card– a smart card that makes it easy to pay across most modes of transport.

Things to do with the kids:

City Tour: 

London is your classic Monopoly board game come alive. I smiled as we hopped onto the city bus tour awaiting to see all the names one has read about. It’s a great way to get a feel of the whole city and all the popular sites. One can’t cover everything in a day but you can choose and prioritise. We covered all the sights that were furthest away from our stay. Look out for the London Pass-most of the sights are covered under the ticket and one can skip queues completely, in addition to the freebies you can avail. 


London has some fantastic museums most of which are free! Art, science, history, you name it and it’s archived. We thoroughly enjoyed the science museum and were awestruck by the 3D film at the IMAX theatre. The space and airplane exhibit had my son gleaming with joy, it was like living in his encyclopaedia! Don't miss a visit to the Natural History Museum-their robotised T Rex makes you feel as though you are a character in Jurassic Park! There are open-air shows outside the buildings to engage the passer-byes. The Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museums are all on the same road and is definitely worth a day on your itinerary.  

Another museum that deserves extra love is the Transport Museum at Covent Garden Piazza. Its ideal for younger children and explains the transport heritage of the city. The design and detailing is endearing for all ages. It is also a great place to pick up unique gifts as one doesn’t get any of their designs at the souvenir shops. Covent Garden is London’s theatre and entertainment area, home to fashion stores and the Royal Opera House. It is a beautiful area to hover around and get the vibe of the city.

Palaces and Castles: 

One can’t go to the Queen’s country and not see her abode. We took a day trip to Windsor Castle, as my daughter is fascinated by castles and princesses! It is spectacular, to say the least. My daughter flipped over the Queen Mary’s miniature doll house collection! It was adorable, nothing like I have ever seen before! But I must say it takes an entire day whether you take the train or choose a coach tour. A city option to this would be The Kensington Palace near Hyde Park which is currently home to Prince William and his family. We were fortunate to catch the Princess Diana Collection whilst there. The gardens are glorious and so is the kids' play area. 

A tip for parents with young kids, please catch the change of guard at the St. James Park rather than waiting right outside the overcrowded Buckingham Palace. 

Churches, Piers & Bridges: 

If you aren't a historian at heart or an art buff, one may catch a glimpse of the churches, ride through the Westminster Pier and the Tower Bridge while you are on the city tour bus. The structures are simply breathtaking! The detailing is jaw-dropping and one can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the beauty. The St Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the exhibits at the Tower Bridge are all worth your time. A peek to history well documented and preserved to savour slowly.


We are a LEGO loving family and Legoland was a dream come true. It was like waking up as a  mini-figure and falling into one of your own Lego boxes. The theme park beats all expectations and is one of the greatest experiences a child can have. It’s a mix between the nicest displays, innovation centre, 4d movie experience, rides, live shows you name it and it’s there. I would recommend reaching at the crack of dawn as it’s worth the whole day. I recommend you carry a lot of munchies as it’s a very large space and the kids who would love the place, need all the energy! The LEGO and the mini figure store stole my heart as you can buy things that you never see outside commercially. We made our own mini-figures and will cherish them forever.

Warner Bros Studio Tour:

If there is anything that's on par (or even better) than the Legoland experience it would have to be the Warner Bros Studio. My kids and I are big Harry Potter fans and this original tour takes the cake. You walk through, touch and see all the important sets, the jaw-dropping detailing of the robotised, digitised props. Nothing can prepare you for this. If you are a fan of the series it’s an absolute must-visit!

My son cherishes their passport as much as his real one. Please book in advance for the tour as it isn't easy to reach there and get a ticket for your desired slot.

Other Useful Info:

There are a number of links you could visit to prepare yourself with the details when you are planning the trip- trust me, it helps immensely. 

1. Visit this link to help you plan the shortest and fastest means to travel. 

2. I told you how the London Pass is a very useful thing you must have. It includes all the tourist places you must visit at a great price and the freebies you can avail. If you have a budding sports fan do not miss fan The Wimbledon Tour, Lords Tour or the Football Tours. Look through their various suggested itineraries to customise your trip.

3. This one helps you when you are searching for the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in and around you. 

4. It's always better to know the weather forecast before you plan a day out. Do check this site for the daily weather predictions and if you need to pack in an extra jacket or umbrella. 

5. If you or your child, are plant lovers, you must head to the Chelsea Physic Garden. With over 5000 types of plants and a great cafe, this one is amazing. 

6. The Princess Diana Memorial play area at the Kensington Gardens is a massive garden with free entry. Ponds, play areas and large stretches of green make it a perfect choice for a fun family outing.

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