What To Do When Your Teen Comes Across Inappropriate Content?

When you come across child sexual abuse material online- just Report it! Don’t share it and don’t comment on it. Here’s why.

Our teens are ready for the digital world- but are you ready as parents?

⚠️Have you spoken to them about what they need to do when they come across inappropriate content?
⚠️Some are shocked, some are embarrassed, some are scared and scarred even.
⚠️How do we as parents help our children understand what they can do in such a situation?
⚠️How they can use online tools and report inappropriate content?

Let’s do our bit as responsible parents. Check out and share this video with fellow parents.

What do you do when you come across pictures or videos of children that violate their privacy? Those that are classified under CSAM – Child Sexual Abuse Material?

We share our horror with our circle and even worse, if we come across videos of someone we know, we circulate it to bring it to their notice. But do you realise that this act does more harm than the intended good?

The right and only solution to this is TO REPORT such videos right away. Here is how you do it..

Why Is It Important To Report?

We think sharing is the right way to deal with such issues, but what we don’t realise the impact it has on the victim and also, this way they get more views and it is not fair to the children in these contents. So if you see something, don’t share, don’t comment. Report.

Facebook has come up with a detailed option that helps to report such videos to take action on them immediately instead of sharing or spreading it to a wider audience. Check out the below video and this link to know how your reporting can help stop the chain.

Share this with other parents and everyone you know, so that we can fight this problem in the right way! And take a small step towards putting an end to it.

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