#ChildrensDay Special: What Indian Kids Really Want

What do today’s children actually want? What do they like about the country they live in- things they dislike and what they wish to change? What is it that they want to convey to their parents about their future, their dreams and aspirations? We ask them in this exclusive discussion with the future of India in our Children’s Day special!

As parents do we really know what our kids want? We want our kids to want a lot of things- but do they really want them?! We at Kidsstoppress wanted to find out what today’s kids really want and decided to provide a platform for children to voice their opinion. Kids aged between 9-12 years got together and discussed various topics such as politics, pollution, road safety and lots more. 

The conversation began with each one sharing his/her experience on Children’s Day and how they spent this special day. 

It was good to know that kids today do have a view and say on what they like and dislike about their country. But that wasn’t all, they also had their ideas of how to bring a change in certain things like transport, clean India, safety Issues and more.

Not only about their country, but the children also had a chance to say what they would like to change in their parents. Apart from the usual nagging, we learnt that kids don’t like being compared to other kids. So, parents, this is something your child probably doesn’t like and remember each child is unique.

During the conversation, we asked kids what they want to grow up to be and we were surprised by the creative answers we got! In the room, we had an aspiring fighter pilot,  an author,  a footballer,  an athlete,  an astronomist and a businesswoman! We can’t wait to see their dreams come true!

Scroll down to watch this exclusive video and what big thoughts the young minds had. Also, don’t forget to check out our exclusive on the change in the Indian education system that leading educators wish to see- click here. 

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