Chores List For Every 6-7 Year Old Indian Kid This Summer

Here is a handy list of chores your 6-7-year-old or first grader should be doing. Raise li’l helping elves today!


It is never too early to start a child doing chores or helping around the house. Obviously, we aren’t talking about really tough ones, but yes, experts agree that children need to start small and help out. So this summer why not get started?

Why do children need to do chores? Aren’t they too young? 

Actually, children love to help out with tasks because it makes them feel wanted and responsible for things. It teaches them to be independent and they revel in the fact that mom and dad trust them with something. Small tasks that they learn now will become a habit in their lives and help them take care of their own homes much later in life. A bonus, it keeps them busy and occupied and checks one thing off your list of things to do. 

Here is a handy list of chores your 6-7-year-old or first grader should be doing. Watch in the coming weeks for downloadable lists of chores for all age groups. 

Personal chores

By the age of 6, children are well aware of their body and know the names for most body parts. So why not allow them to take care of their body? By six, kids can 

And it isn’t just personal chores! There are a few things around the house they can help with too! You could start supervising initially and then let them do it on their own. Here is what they can help with around the house. 

Household chores

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