Chyawanprash- The Vitamin C Rich Immunity Builder I Swear By

When you were growing up we’re sure you must have had Chyawanprash. This was something all Indian parents swore by and most kids fought to avoid taking. As a parent now, what do you think about Chyawanprash and its benefits? Should you be giving it to your child to boost their immunity? Swipe left to know more!

My earliest memories of Chyawanprash are that of staring at a spoon of this gooey brown paste, that my sister and I were forced to have every day; my father would be standing on the side somewhere telling us how he grew up eating it too and extolling the benefits of this superfood.

Frankly, I really disliked the thick odd-smelling “immunity-booster” that we downed every day. I know my mum was trying to protect her children from the various diseases and make them strong but we never took it without a fight. I know a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about!!


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