Common Mistakes Moms Make When Cleaning A Baby During Diaper Change

Did you know there is an actual right way to clean your baby’s poop using wet wipes? Find out.

The one thing I was prepared for as a new mom was sleepless nights! Had enough warnings from friends and family on how the little one likes just about anything but a good night’s sleep! But what I wasn’t prepared for were loud wails by my baby. I had done the textbook prescription of everything you needed, to soothe a crying baby. From swaddling to singing to feeding to changing diapers- I did them all but the loud cries didn’t stop. 

And that’s when I noticed the little red rashes on my baby’s bum- that seemed to cause all the irritation and pain. And I realised the heavy chemical-laden wipes I was using caused the rashes and allergies. How did I miss this?! 

A lot of new moms like me spend a lot of time choosing the right diaper for the babies but tend to take it for granted when it comes to using the right wet wipes. Also when I read a lot more about this and spoke to more mommies in my circle I realised I was cleaning my baby the wrong way! Sharing my learnings as pointers below so others don’t make the same mistake I did. 

1. The Direction Matters!

I used to handle the packet of wipes casually without paying much attention to it. And that’s wrong- let me tell you. You need to ensure you wipe from front to back, and not the other way round so that the risk of infecting the vaginal or penile area is less. 

2. Pay Attention To The Details: 

Most moms just clean the poop hurriedly (I am proven guilty of this), leaving behind some of it in the folds of skin. Doctors recommend we use a separate wipe to clean the front part and then the back part so it is done thoroughly. 

3. Read the labels:

Don’t go about blindly adding wipes to your cart when you shop for baby stuff. Experts recommend you choose alcohol-free and water-based wipes to help clean your baby’s sensitive skin. 

The all-new Mamy Poko Extra Clean Wipes is my go-to saviour during my battles with baby poop! Designed with the latest Japanese Technology, that ensures maximum effectiveness, these wipes come with thick crisscross sheets that ensure effective cleaning and help #WipeOffStickiness. The aloe-vera extract not only gives the right fragrance but also ensures my little munchkin’s skin remains soft and supple- the way it is meant to be! And the best part I liked about them is how it helps hydrate my baby’s skin with “97% purified water content” and wards off harmful chemicals. 

My baby’s nighttime routine will take time to stabilise, I am sure, but this time when she wakes up, I will know she is not in pain and that’s a relief for any mommy!


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