Competition, Comparison, Discipline | How To Talk To Your Child So They Listen

Mansi Zaveri talks to RJ Navneet and she talks about the role of a parent when it comes to positive parenting. She talks to us about how to make our kids listen to us, how to deal with comparison, how to ensure discipline and strike a balance between space and family time and what parents need to learn to understand their children better.

We need to learn how to listen to our kids rather than listening and reacting – Mansi Zaveri

Parenting doesn’t come with any set formula that works for everybody. It is a journey that everyone finds their solution with a lot of trial and error. There will be many things that will not be in your control but all you need to do is be patient and create harmony within yourself and in your family. 

Most common questions asked are:

  • Today we live in a world where our kids will always be spoilt with choice. How do we keep them grounded and steer away from comparison?
  • How do we get our kids to listen to us?
  • How do we make them follow our rules?
  • How do we build a positive relationship with them?
  • We protect our kids all the time and we want to be there for them all the time. How should we make them self-reliant?
  • As a parent, what changes can we make?

This sounds overwhelming but these are questions you should be thinking about and you need to know there’s always a solution. The solution has to work for your family. Be it breastfeeding, birthing choice – you always have a choice and you need not worry about any judgments

Listen to this podcast and Mansi Zaveri – the founder of Kidsstoppress simplifies parenting with RJ Navneet. 


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