Competition, Comparison, Discipline | How To Talk To Your Kids So They Listen

Mansi Zaveri talks to RJ Navneet and she talks about the role of a parent when it comes to positive parenting. She talks to us about how to make our kids listen to us, how to deal with comparison, how to to ensure discipline and strike a balance between space and family time and what parents need to learn to understand their children better.

Rules without relationship  equals to rebellion – Andre Agassi

At Kidsstoppress, we understand the struggle in parenting. There is no single formula that works for all families. As a parent, all of us want the same for our children and that is the best yet every one has a different story to tell – be it birthing, breastfeeding or the different challenges they face. 

In this KSP TV, we see Mansi Zaveri talk to RJ Navneet about how parents can make kids listen to them in a positive manner. 

In this interview she speaks about:

  • Create a healthy relationship rather than imposing rules. Everyone has different rules and priorities in thier house and parents should work on that. 
  • Importance of not to reacting to a child and communicating with them better.
  • Striking a balance between space and family time. 
  • How comparisons are just a part of growing up and we shouldn’t stut their growth.
  • Raising self-reliant children.

Success is like a drug. Let your kids taste success and let them taste failure too – Mansi Zaveri

Watch this video and get all your questions answered on simplifying parenting. 

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