Shivesh Bhatia’s Gift For Your Li’l Masterchefs

This Children’s Day here is how you can win a copy of this delightful book by Shivesh Bhatia for your kids.

As a child, I have fond memories of sneaking into the kitchen to take a peek at what mom was busy with. The aroma of boiling tamarind or jaggery caramelizing are some things that stay with me, etched in my memory.

And whenever I did get the chance to help her out, I did my bit with little acts of love- like applying ghee on the rotis, helping her make the modak outer covering, peeling the peas of the fresh winter batch and lots more! Now when I recollect I wish I did more to help mom out! Like cook her a special recipe on her birthday or bake a special treat on a lazy Sunday so she can spend extra minutes in bed!

Lucky for me, my child now, shares the same culinary interest, albeit a little more than I did back then! She is already scouting through cookery books for special recipes, and isn’t satisfied till she finds the perfect recipe for the perfect day!

And this Children’s Day, I have got her the perfect gift that not just inspires her to try more interesting recipes but also do her bit in making special days even more special!

HarperCollins Children’s Books has just published “A Cookbook For Special Days Special People” penned by Instagram’s favourite food blogger- Shivesh Bhatia and we at Kidsstoppress are delighted to join hands on this exciting project.

About The Cook Book:

A Cookbook For Special Days Special People is Shivesh Bhatia‘s first attempt at a book for children. His 3 earlier books are already a hit among the food blogging and baking community. This book is a curation of 42 special recipes for 21 special occasions, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and even Mango Day! The inspiration behind the book Shivesh says is “to have more children discover the pleasure of being in the kitchen and making something from scratch with this book.” Isn’t that one essential skill we will want our children to pick up?

The recipes are simple, easy to try and something that kids will not feel overwhelmed by. They require minimal or no adult supervision, so kids can really whip up a surprise on any special day and feel happy about doing it on their own!

The book is backed with superb illustrations by Maitreyee Namjoshi that add warmth and personal touch to each of these delightful recipes.

We spoke to Shivesh about his book and the inspiration behind it recently-

He spoke about the importance of parents supporting their children’s dreams. And I can’t agree more. If not us, who is going to be the wind beneath their wings?!

Tune into this fun podcast and don’t miss the Rapid Fire towards the end of the segment- we had a blast recording this!

Here’s What’s In Store At Kidsstoppress

At Kidsstoppress we can’t wait to let you in on all the special things we have planned for you and the kids this Children’s Day along with this new cookbook. An exciting contest for budding junior master chefs is on the way. Stay tuned to this space for more details!

Also, lucky winners of this contest stand a chance to win exciting goodies from HarperCollins Children’s Books and also (wait for it…) get to access the Annual Subscription to the KSP Meal Plans at a flat 50% off! Yeahhh!

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