Could Your One Mistake Affect Your Child’s Gut, Asks Luke Coutinho

Did you know your stress levels and your gut health are related? This also affects your kids. Watch Luke Coutinho tell us what we can and should do to lead a healthier and calmer life.

Are you an anxious parent? Are you stressed most of the time? Does your child complain of pain in the tummy when you are in a bad mood or upset? 

Did you know that what you feel -anxiety or stress- translates into health problems for your kids? Yes! The energy that you use when you get stressed or are anxious transfers to your kids. All they want is security and love!

Luke Coutinho is a Holistic Life Coach and what he says makes complete sense to me as a parent. We all may try and make lifestyle changes to improve our health. But as per Luke 

The gut controls almost every single bodily function. Poor gut health means poor health. It doesn’t matter how many pre or probiotics you take. Every time you get anxious you are inflaming your gut.

Watch the video to know what Luke says about cortisol levels, what triggers poor gut health and immunity in kids and what simple steps can help pave the way for a healthier family

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