10 Books I Added To My Child’s Summer Reading List #KSPBookClub

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The hot, hot days of summer are here. And afternoons are meant for relaxing with a book and a bowl of healthy treats in a cozy corner. My daughter is sacrosanct about her reading time, and is very clear that she is not disturbed! If only I had that clarity when I was a little girl.

But summer is also a time you need to be careful and steer away from challenges and competitions for kids. While it is a good idea to keep them motivated and inspired to read more which does them a world of good, we also need to ensure they do so willingly and not by coercion or threat. ‘Coz that won’t work. At all.

The more you nag the kids or ask them to chase a cut-off number, the more they are going to repel from it. While you can try inducing interest in your own innovative way by gratification, appreciation, etc- make sure your child enjoys the process.

Go ahead and access this curated list.

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