Cold Porcelain Clay Art Workshop For Kids

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So what are your kids upto this season?

Learning how to declutter and organise their things? Piling on some of their favourite books to spend their afternoons reading? Or resorting to some fun Yoga sessions to stay healthy? That’s great! (Psst- We have got some awesome courses on all these and more at KSP Summer Fun Factory– so check it out after you read this!)

Kids today need a world of things to do to keep them occupied and engaged- not only to help them learn new things, but researchers also say, it helps them give a sense of security- when they bond with parents and learn new things. Given the global scenario that’s uncertain, causing a lot to stress about and the never-ending restrictions.

In our all-new Summer Fun Factory for this year, we are delighted to launch a set of new courses for children, that will in mindfully engaging them indoors.

On KSP Summer Fun Factory we have launched this amazing Cold Porcelain Clay Art Workshop for kids- a step-by-step video tutorial by Shruti Jhaveri for your kids (8 years and above) 

About the educator: 

Shruti Jhaveri has an experience of 19 yrs of experience in art and was a student of the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Shruti has exhibited in over 25 shows across the globe, few countries to name are India, Belgium, Indonesia, Korea, Dubai and New York. Born and raised in Antwerp,  Belgium, she has been creating unique Paper sculptures out of intensive experimenting and research.  

What will you learn in this bundle?

3 detailed videos with a total duration of over 130 minutes. 

Watch educator Shruti tell you why this course is useful for your children and what they will learn in the process. 

What will you find inside the bundle? 

Shruti has curated a step-by-step detailed video tutorial on three modules: 

1. How To Make Cold Porcelain Clay? | 30 minutes 

2. Creating Your Own Animals Using Porcelain Clay |  60 minutes

3. Making Colourful Life-Like Succulents | 35 minutes 

So go ahead and sign up for this course- interesting afternoons with your kids guaranteed!