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Is your child often found scribbling their thoughts in a piece of paper and eager you read them? Brilliant- that’s the first step to raising a writer. We discuss at length on the steps needed to raise a reader and how to get kids to love reading. We have exclusive courses on these topics on Summer Fun Factory. So make sure you sign up for them. Click here.

In this Exclusive Course on Summer Fun Factory, we team up with India’s most popular Creative Writing Coach Ritu Rathod who, with an experience of over 3 decades inspires and teaches kids to excel at creative writing. 

What will you get in this bundle? 

A complete insight into creative writing and poetry writing with detailed steps and instructions. This is a workshop you will want for your kids- one that can you get lifelong access to, and one that your kids can watch any number of times. No one-time-watch-it and remember-it-all workshops at Summer Fun Factory! 

Go ahead and sign up for this by clicking below, And good luck in raising little delightful writers!