DIY Craft Ideas For Kids That Take 15 Minutes Or Less

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I am going to confess. I am not a very artsy-craftsy mommy. Blame it on our busy lifestyles or my plain disinterest in the field, But much to my amazement, my little girl loves her craft class in school and amazes me with some of the most innovative and sincere creations. And she insists I join her every Sunday afternoon to work on a fun craft. And with the lockdown, the number of ‘craftsy’ days in our week has only increased! 

If you are nodding along, are hard-pressed for time and want to know an easy route to engage kids that do not boast of an elaborate list of essential supplies- you are at the right place.

  • Go ahead and access this bundle that gives you a mommy-curated list of simple 15-minute craft ideas that you can try with the kids this summer.
  • They are simple, engaging and creative.
  • And end result- your kids are going to be happy with all the mommy-bonding. ‘Tis a win-win situation!