Infant Meal Plans For 6-12-Month-Old Babies

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You want to start your little one on solids but don’t know how and when right? Probably wondering how to go about it – as a new mom you must have so many questions

How much solid food should you offer your baby each day, and when should your child adopt a three-meals-a-day routine? What’s the right ratio of solids to breast milk or formula — and should both be on the menu at the same time?

We have all asked ourselves this question at least once – Am I feeding my baby enough? Is my baby having enough milk? While you can be rest assured when your baby is being fed breast milk, what happens when your baby turns 6 months old and you need to supplement breastmilk with solid food?

What Do We Do Now?

Don’t worry! This course has everything about everything concerned with food that you need to know about your precious gem from their 6th month till they are 12 months old!

What Does This Course Include?

This course includes:

  • Answers to important questions at each stage.
  • Break down of information according to each month.
  • Recipes for each month
  • Meal plans for each week
  • Everything about teething

And so much more!

This course will guide you through these important stages of your baby’s life like a gentle breeze! What more could you ask for? Access this course now!