Just What You Need To Raise A Mini Masterchef

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The story in all our homes:

Do your kids love to lend a helping hand in the kitchen? 

Do they love to smear their forehead with flour and hands with choco chips while helping Mumma bake a cake? 

Ours do, and honestly, I feel proud I raised them right

What’s ‘cooking’ in this bundle?!

  • Tips to get kids involved in the kitchen. 
  • Recipes that are simple for them to cook/bake.
  • The best books that you would want to read with your budding chefs
  • The best shows streaming online that you want to bookmark for fun nights with the kids.
  • A printable fun worksheet that lets your kids recollect the pointers they learnt in this bundle. 

Psst- we share some of our secrets that turn your little fussy eaters into food lovers too! 

Get aboard, go through what we have put together for your kids. Happy cooking and bon appetit! 

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